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Calendars for Miner Enterprises and Tidemark Publishing

Miner Enterprises Inc.  Miner makes parts for railroad cars.  Every years since 1925 they have had an artist do an original painting for their yearly calendar.  Many famous artists, such as Howard Fogg and Carl Ulrich did them in the past.  Since 2002 they have used me.  Below are a few of the paintings I have done for them.  You can find these calendars on EBay at times. Miner holds the copyrights of these images. 

TideMark Calendars.  Tidemark is a calendar company based in Hartford, Connecticut, and they have a line of a hundred different calendars. Tidemark started doing a calendar of my work in 2012.  That calendar sold out in four months.  Since that time, I have had the opportunity to work with them, creating new calendars for their product line.  

      Bennett Illustration