I have been selling my  paintings since 1984.  Since then I have worked in both oil and watercolor, with work going to companies and individuals around the world.   I started out in Architecture and took an oil painting class for the "heck" of it. Once I learned how to paint, I started selling my work to pay my way through school.  It was on a road trip where I was displaying my work that a CEO of a company asked me to do 30 paintings for his Board of Directors, I have been painting ever since.  Along the way I was able to meet and become friends with Howard Fogg, Ted Rose and a number of other artists that have given me input about my work and how to improve it.  Howard Fogg told me, "You must improve with each painting, or you might as well quit."  Since that time I have strived to improve each new painting I do.  I am always pushing myself to become better.   

Some of the companies I have done work for include Miner Enterprises, Amtrak, Katun Corp., Union Pacific Corp, Utah Railway, Golden West Books, Tidemark (They do a calendar of my work each year) Hiemburger House Publishing, Trackside Prints, Overland Models, Peter Built Locomotive and many others.  I also have collectors around the world that seek my art.  I currently live in Saratoga Springs with my wife and four sons.


      Bennett Illustration

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